About Microgen

Microgen offers a complete line of Wipes, RTU’s, Concentrates, and Super concentrates.

About Us:

Microgen is an American-based surface disinfectant company founded in 1987. Our mission is to develop, chemically engineer, and test disinfectant formulations in order to maximize their effectiveness in killing pathogens.

Our company offers our products through national distributors referred to as Sub-Registrants. Microgen’s U.S. EPA Master Label registrations range up to 141 claim declarations with dozens of marketing applications. Our formulations come in the form of Towelettes, Ready-to-Use Sprays, Concentrates and Super-Concentrates. Microgen offers companies the opportunity to become sub-registrants for the manufacturing and/or distribution of its surface disinfectants and sanitizers to institutional and industrial markets.

D-125 Product Documents

Independent Laboratory Testing:

Our disinfectants have undergone extensive testing from both global Independent Testing Laboratories, as well as by Foreign Governments to verify their effectiveness against a wide range of pathogens including: Enveloped and Non-Enveloped Human and Non-Human Viruses, Gram Negative/Gram Positive Clinical Bacterial Isolates, Environmental and Pathogenic Fungi, and Antibiotic Resistant Gram Positive and Gram Negative Bacteria.

CCX-151 Product Documents

Microgen Offers its Products Through National Distributors:

Microgen’s Master Labels declare up to 141 claims with dozens of marketing applications for its line of Wipes, RTU’s, Concentrates and Super-Concentrates. Microgen invites Toll-Blenders and Distributors to become sub-registrants for the manufacturing and/or distributing of its surface disinfectants. This one-step product has been used successfully in Hospitals, Acute Care, Alternate Care, Home Health Care, Institutional and Industrial markets, Food and Beverage, Physician’s Office, Pharmaceutical, Veterinary, Beauty and Janitorial and Sanitation marketplaces.

Substantiated Antimicrobial Efficacy:

Microgen declares on its Master Labels the most comprehensive range of substantiated antimicrobial efficacy in the surface chemical industry. Our Quaternary-based disinfectant labels are registered with the U.S. EPA, Health Canada, FDA-Thailand, FDA-Korea, the Government of India (FF-424-10445 DT. 04/07/07), the Governments of Egypt and Libya, among others. Companies that trust and use Microgen-developed disinfectants in their worldwide operations include: Colgate Palmolive, 3M, Ecolab, IDG, PDI, Magnex, Shine Business Int. and Carnival Cruise Lines.

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Our Goals:

  • Introduce new products and innovations on a timely basis under the stewardship of a seasoned and expert management team.
  • Extend sales of existing products to different categories of end-users, vis-à-vis label claim augmentation.
  • Provide global scientific testing and regulatory support.
  • Respond quickly to customer needs by delivering customized label solutions.